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Bethany Residential Home
Old Bulwark Road
NP16 5JL
01291 621425
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Terms and Conditions of Employment at Bethany Residential Home

All members of staff are to have a Criminal Record Bureau Check (DBS) and Protection of Vulnerable Adults check. This will be taken out of the first weeks pay.


All employment candidates must have 3 written references, one of which should be from the last employer.


All new members of staff are to participate in an induction course consisting of 3 paid working days and an induction booklet which is to be cfilled out within the first 6 months. The 3 working days will be paid to the employee on the following payment run once the contract is sign (contracts can be signed once the DBS has returned).


All new members of staff are employed on a 6 month trial basis and their performance will be reviewed at the end of that period.


If unable to fulfill a commitment to work, Staff must notify the Home at the earliest possible opportunity.


Staff must support the Whistle blowing Policy.  Disciplinary action will be taken against any staff whose actions display aggression against a whistle Blower.


Staff must give 1 months notice to terminate employment.


No smoking within the Building or grounds and no member of staff is allowed to smoke on duty or take extra cigarette breaks outside their allotted breaks.  Failure to comply may result in dismissal.


Any member of staff found to be working whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be liable for instant dismissal.


Night staffs are expected to be Alert during their shift; Failure to comply may result in instant dismissal.


Management is to be informed if a staff member is pregnant.


Personal mobile phones must be switched off and not kept with the staff member.


All members of staff are to undertake training and that will include N.V.Q.2 in care, if not already attained.


The company will pay the fees for N.V.Q.2 in care for staff over 25.

However, if the qualification is not attained within 24 months then the fees must be repaid to the company, Staff who leave prior to gaining the qualification are also expected to repay the fees, On either occasion, this may be taken out of wages due.


All members of staff are to complete bi-monthly supervisions and an annual appraisal.


Staff are entitled to two 15 minute breaks on every 6 ½ hour shifts and three 15 minute breaks on every 13 hour shifts.  The company reserves the right to withhold payment of a quarter of an hour for each shift.


Cigarette breaks are to be taken within the allotted break times.


Statutory sick pay will be paid after 3 days absence upon receipt of self certification and upon receipt of doctor’s certificate.


Staff are entitled to a holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks times the number of contracted hours per year.  The holidays are to be taken as follows:

MAY-SEPTEMBER 2 WEEKS minimum (3 weeks maximum)

OCTOBER- APRIL   1 WEEK minimum (2 weeks maximum)




All complaints against staff will be investigated under the complaints disciplinary and grievance procedure.


There is A set uniform. female staff are to wear trousers/slacks. Black or Navy.

Clothing must be loose to allow for movement and shoes are to be flat and fully covering the feet.


Staff must immediately declare any gifts received from residents to management.


 The company reserves the right to apply changes to usual staff shift patterns.


Staff must support and implement the companies’ policies and procedures.


Management reserves the right to conduct a personal search at its discretion of a staff member.


Night staffs hours will be amended to take into account the new time changes for British Summer Time.


Any member of staff who leaves without management’s permission during a shift will have placed themselves in breach of the terms and conditions of their employment and as such will have ended their employment with the company.





If submitted information is found to be untrue this may result in my dismissal from this employment.


I understand that it is a criminal offence to withhold or omit information when completing this application form. This may result in dismissal from this employment.


I give my consent for referees and previous employers to be contacted for references in respect of this job application.


I give my consent for my name to be checked with the Criminal Records Bureau, I understand that any offer of employment is subject to a satisfactory report from the DBS.


I understand that the post applied for is subject to satisfactory references and is on a 6 month trial period.

NB  The information given on this form and any references applied for will only be used to this application for employment.


Applicants should also note that we are an equal opportunities employer. We aim to recruit staff on their suitability for the position without consideration of:

Age: Sex: Marital status: Disability: Religion: Ethnic Origin.


All information given on this application will be treated in confidence and in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.